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Gaitu Dispensary Code: 12026

Type: Dispensary
Owner: Christian Health Association of Kenya
Status: Operational
Province: Eastern
County: Meru
District: Meru Central, Meru
Division: Abothuguchi East
Location: Gaitu East
SubLocation: Gaitu
Constituency: CENTRAL IMENTI

Contact In Charge: Mrs Ntuga Nursing Officer in Charge
Address: P.O. Box 35
Postal Code:
Town: Chogoria
Nearest Town: Gaitu Market


Status: Operational
Number of Beds: 0
Number of Cots: 0

   | Family Planning
   | Immunization

Community unit(s)
   | No Units are linked to this facility

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*The GPS location of this facility has not been VERIFIED, and is based on existing survey data and other sources. If you believe that the facility is in the wrong location please contact us, we are in the process of validating these locations.